1 October 2022

Networks & devices support

Would you ever do the representation by walking? Buy the car for your business! Take care of the IT infrastructure!
Make your network & devices work!

A functional and efficient network is essential. Working and snappy peripherals are critical. We manage and design simple and complex computer networks. Single floor or multi-floor; single building or multi-building and geographic networks. We configure VPN, mesh and Hotspot features for business uses, accommodations such as hotels, b&bs and villas.
  • Creating/managing small LAN networks ;
  • Creating/managing MAN medium networks ;
  • Create/manage large networks over WAN ;
  • Security ;
  • Efficiency ;
  • Effectiveness ;
  • Speed ;
  • Saving ;
  • Fewer issues ;
  • More gain .
Engineering Solutions
Soluzioni Ingegneristiche SRL offers complete technological assistance. This page describes one of the many services offered. Specialized experts in every field of computer engineering. Contact us for more information.