1 October 2022

Tourism, forget every duty

Total automation. The system finds tourists, it takes care of them, satisfies them, assists them until and beyond the departure. You will receive wire transfers without lifting a finger. You can focus on your work and your life. Management and administrative aspects are fully automated, cleaning and check-in included.

All aspects are intelligently managed automatically. Total advanced management of your structure through cross-platform software (mobile phone, computer, etc.). It finds the tourist, it manages the law lodged tickets, it manages the cleaning staff and much more. Your only burden? Receive transfers.The advanced management system designed by Soluzioni Ingegneristiche SRLs is based on more than 25 years of experience in the tourism industry. The computer system handles all the practices in milliseconds of a second. Coordinates all aspects starting from tourist bookings until funds are transferred to your bank account.
Photographers, cleaning companies, polyglots, NCC drivers, tour guides, technicians and many other already instructed professionals are connected to the system to take away your issues. An automatic quality control system guarantees the quality of the services offered by the aforementioned professionals.

Some features offered

  • Single property-customized website ;
  • Automatic integration with dozens of web portals and physical agencies to sponsor your facilities ;
  • Gestione automatica prezzari ( sistema di gestione prezzi automatico per massimizzare i Vostri entroiti ) ;
  • Automatic booking management ;
  • Gestione automatica eventi ( matrimoni, cene, compleanni ) ;
  • Automatic guest management ;
  • Automatic billing management ;
  • Automatic handling of law housed tickets ;
  • Automatic city tax management ;
  • Automatic ISTAT communications management ;
  • Automatic cleaning personnel management ;
  • Automatic check-in personnel management ;
  • Automatic check-ins 24:24 ;
  • Automatic management of breakdowns and failures ;
  • Total customization with your needs ;
  • And much more.
Engineering Solutions
Soluzioni Ingegneristiche SRL offers complete technological assistance. This page describes one of the many services offered. Specialized experts in every field of computer engineering. Contact us for more information.